scene-from-a-jewish muslim-slave-market-of-white-women2-otto-pilny by Kenneth G. Poduska

Slavery ended throughout Europe well before 700 AD.  At that time the Moslems invaded Iberia and set up their occupation of a Christian country by force of the sword. The allies of the Moslems were the Jews; they both hated and preyed on Christians.  Jews had been allowed to live among us Christians so they were a primary source of information to the invading Moslems.  Jews translated the libraries the Moslems captured, and copied them from Latin and Greek into Arabic, taking considerable license in the translations. Jews also translated the spoken languages.  Jews ran the slave camps where young Christian Celt (Europeans) boys and girls were tortured, beaten, starved, and raped into submission and docility by Negro Moslems slave masters and the Jews themselves. These children broken into slaves were then used as workmen to build the Andalusian Culture and as Sex toys for the ruling elite, both Jew and Moslem. The Andalusian Culture with its intricate architecture, water gardens, and poetry was not a creation of Jews and Moslems.  It was already there when these brigands invaded the Celtic Christian Iberia.  Vandalusian Culture had been created by a combination of cultures from the Iberian Celts and the Vandals, a Slavic tribe of Goths, who were themselves Celts. Vandalusian became Andalusian.  When the Moors/Jews of Spain ran out of Christian Celts to enslave in Spain they started raiding the European sea shore villages, and into the interior of Europe by the river routes of France, Great Brittan, Ireland, Scotland, Freesia, Sweden, Denmark all the way to Iceland. The raids were carried out by Arab slave trader ships, ships financed and fitted out by the Jews who ran the slave trade, and it made them very wealthy.  It is a pretty safe bet that most Europeans have some ancestor who was a subject of this outrage.

This slave trading by the Moors/Jews of Spain lasted for almost 800 years and involved an estimated 4 million European boys and girls. In 1492 Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain pushed the last of the Moors/Jews out of Granada in Spain to North Africa, but the slave trading did not stop; the Barbary Coast Corsairs were financed by Jews who owned and outfitted the pirate/slave ships.  Jews also ran the slave pens in the Moroccan seaport of Sale’ whose evil purpose was the breaking of European peoples to slavery by the Negro Moslem Slave Masters the Jews employed.  The Jewish slave trading enterprise from Morocco that dealt in European slaves lasted from 1530 to 1830.  During this period of 300 years an estimated 1,250,000 European Christian boys and girls were taken into slavery including Americans taken from American ships who sailed the Mediterranean Sea.

This brings the estimated total of European Christian boys and girls taken by the Jewish/Moslems of Spain/Morocco to 5,250,000. White Slave Girl

However, Spain/Morocco was not the only base where Jews/Moslems preyed on European Christian boys and girls.  Beginning approximately 1100 AD the Moslems of Turkey preyed on the Eastern and Central European Christian boys and girls as well.  The same tribe of Sephardic Jews ran the Turkish slave pens and the slave markets where the European Christian boys and girls were broken into slaves and sold.

There are no known estimates of how many Central and Eastern European Christian boys and girls were taken but this involved land based warfare not just smash and grab coastal raids. The Turks despoiled everything in their line of March; this lasted from 1100 AD to 1923 AD when the modern state of Turkey was established. Before that the Turks marched into Anatolia, Greece, Crete, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Poland, and Germany; they took slaves from every village, town and city in their line of March. This had to be tens of thousands of settlements, it went on for over 800 years, the numbers had to at least equal the Spanish/Moroccan numbers but they could well be 10 times as large or 50,000,000. On the conservative side let’s say it is 5,250,000 to bring our estimated total to 10,500,000 European Christian Boys and girls taken by Jews/Moslems into abject slavery to die of all manner of abuse.

White European SlavesThis reply to a sexually perverted Jewish atheist, from the southern United States, is about his repeated charge “Christians invented Slavery”, in particular black slavery in the United States of America.

In 1517 Charles V of Germany became the new King of Spain; he was 17 years old. No sooner did he arrive in Spain when he was approached by a group of Sephardic Jews from Portugal with a proposition to solve his money problems by efficiently running the Spanish colonies in the New world, Central and South America, making them profitable by using African Slaves as a labor force.  The Jews pointed out the Christian Bible gave tacit approval to slavery and it would present the new Holy Roman Emperor, who was none other than Charles himself, the opportunity to teach the Africans to be Christians. The Jews of course would provide the African Slaves for sale.  There were 16 slave trading companies at the height of the Atlantic African slave trade, three of them were owned, on paper only, by European Christians.  There were two European Monarchs, England and France, and one European company, the Dutch West India Company for the Republic of Holland.  This collection was composed of two Protestant Christian countries, England and Holland, and one Catholic country, France. The remaining companies were Jewish owned; it was the Jews who had the contracts with the Black Moslem Kings who were selling their own people into slavery.  The slave hunters were Negro and Arab Muslims, a few were Jews, and a bare handful were renegade Europeans who had converted to Islam. There were 18 African slave trading ports, but most of the slave ships were owned by the Jewish slave companies or contracted to them.  It was the Jews who owned the slave pens throughout the Caribbean that broke the Africans to slavery, with torture, beatings, starvation and rape, the same as they did to the European Christian boys and girls. No independent European Christian Slave companies ever existed.

This does not mean Christian Europeans were without blame: The Holy Roman Emperor Charles the V agreed to buy African slaves from the Jews.  The Dominican friar, Bartolome de las Casas, chief Roman Catholic minister to the Spanish colonies, advocated for the use of African slaves to Charles V. The Apostolic Administrator of Spain Cardinal Bernardo Dovizi da Bibbiena approved the Spanish use of African slaves as did Pope Leo X in Rome.  The Portuguese Monarchy also bought slaves from the Jews, as did every European Nation in trade with the New World.

Eventually the Jews sold over 10,000,000 African slaves in the Americas, including North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, but only 80,000 slaves who were born in Africa were sold in the United States before importation of African Slaves was made illegal. However, because of prolific breeding, that 80,000, became 800,000 slaves by the time of the Civil War. Today the number is 37,000,000 descendants of African Slaves in the United States.

When comparing the Celt experience of the Jew/Muslim slave trade to the Negro experience there is a difference of 823 years for Celts to 246 years for Negroes. Celts spent 687 years longer than Negroes being preyed on by the Jew/Moslem slave traders. Negroes began with a population of 80,000 in the United States and have grown to 37,000,000.  All of the Celts who were forced into slavery by the Jew/Moslem slave trade who used Negro Moslems as slave masters, have no descendants they are for all purposes dead.

85% of the European Christians living in the United States of America arrived after the Civil War and had no opportunity to own any kind of slave. In fact about 2% of Europeans in the United States of America have an ancestor who ever owned an African Slave.  Perhaps all European Americans have some ancestor who was forced into slavery by the Moslem/Jew slave traders.

Fathers_of_the_Redemption**An interesting read about the Moroccan Jew/Moslem slave trade is the 2005 book edited and compiled by Giles Milton, entitled WHITE GOLD. The Extraordinary Story of Thomas Pellow and Islam’s One million White Slaves. It is the true story of Thomas Pellow a Cornish cabin boy who was forced into Moslem/Jew slavery in Morocco from 1713 to 1736; his memories were published in London in 1739.

In the back of the book you will find a bibliography of many more documentary and non-fiction books on the enslavement of European boys and girls, by the Moslem/Jew slave trade.

More Info: White Slaves, African Masters: An Anthology of American Barbary Captivity Narratives by Paul Baepler